10 Sep

We have to believe that people are capable of change.

It gives us hope — that all, which is right now, will not always be. That we may learn. That this is not all necessarily in vain. Change is an indicator that we are growing. Time is moving forward. WE are not stuck, static, with out mistakes clinging to us like ivy tangled in wrought iron fences — they may be sheared. Erased. Weeded. Fixed.

If not capable of change, why do we look to others for inspiration, guidance? Why trust? Especially, why reinstitute trust?

And if we’re not capable of changing, how do we hold onto the hope that things will get better? If our surroundings are a product of our own design, we must at least believe we are capable of changing them.

That’s the crux of it – not that we are capable of change – after all, it’s been thousands of years of war and greed and slavery and torture — but that, individually, we believe that we are.

That is what keeps us going.


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