23 Sep

You find that, in med school, you have better things to do than sleep.

6 am? Why don’t you get your ass to the gym, it’ll be your only chance today.

Midnight? Sneak in a few minutes with whatever poor sap is acting as a substitute for the emotional gap in your life.

5:30 pm? You think I should nap after class? Please, this is my time to reinforce what we just did in lecture.

2:30 am? Run through glycolysis! Why not?

Why not indeed — because sleep improves performance, right?

It’s just so damn tempting … to run on caffeine, instead. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there? We have to go to hours of class and lab a day, sifting through hundreds of pieces of new information to cram into overstuffed brains each and every day. Have to memorize eighty-five different mnemonics before sundown, fourteen cycles before sun up again. On top of that, we’re looking for some kind of emotional connection to the other students who are just as neurotic and sleep deprived as we are. Trying our best not to become too bloated on New York Bagels, Subway Cookies and Glovers Rice. Sneak in a beer to blunt the edge once in a while. And then, study some more! It’s a torrid whirlwind of crappy fast food, awkward social encounters, and flashcard after flashcard after flashcard.

We’re trying to be doctors. We don’t have time to worry about our own health, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise. What kind of silly notion is that?!


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